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Croatian Island Cruising
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04 Jun 2011 - 11 Jun 2011

This cruise was absolutely amazing! I can't say enough good things about it... It was my first time traveling alone in Europe and contiki made it such a great experience. I stayed an extra night in Split before the tour started which was a good decision and I didn't have to worry about missing the boat. I met a couple of girls through the website and we organised to meet the night before the tour started and had a great night out in Split.

The tour was really well organised. The tour guide (Ryan) was awesome and really knowledgeable about Croatia. He gave us just the right amount of history mixed with useful information about places to eat, party, find internet, ATMs etc. Each day the boat would start cruising at about 7-8am and would sail most of the day. Breakfast was served pretty early in the mornings and usually most people wouldn't go as they were sleeping in due to partying the night before. Because of this we had to wait until lunch was served which sometimes left us starving so I recommend smuggling some snacks into your cabin!! The food on board was really nice, they catered well for vegetarians and there was plenty of food. The seafood was especially exceptional. The boat would dock at 3-5pm each evening which was enough time for exploring the town, having dinner and a good night in the town. Many of the places the boat stops are only small so although it doesn't sound like tonnes of time it was enough. The tour spends an extra day in Dubrovnik which is cool because there is lots to do/see there!
During the day when traveling on the boat there is at least 1 swim stop where the boat pulls into a nice bay and anchors so everyone can go swimming! This is a great time to cool off in the sea... the water is very salty so it's easy to just float around

Drinks on board were purchased from the bar and each person/room had a tab. This seemed to be a good system but meant you had to try and budget some money to pay off the tab at the end of the week so keep that in mind. Also it is expected that you tip the tour guide and boat crew at the end of the trip which was a bit on an unexpected cost

Somethings I would recommend doing include:
Climb up to the fortress in Hvar - the view is breathtaking!
Jump off the roof of the boat
Walk the city walls in Dubrovnik
Do the guided walking tour in Dubrovnik
Silent disco in Split
Party in the cave in Makarska

Review written Aug 2011

My Contiki was: Sunshine, Drinking, Friends

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