Austria Ski Plus (coach from London) - 1 week

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Austria Ski Plus (coach from London) - 1 week » Review by Teodor Mihail

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Austria Ski Plus (coach from London) - 1 week
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A new experience

28 Dec 2012 - 05 Jan 2013

This trip has been the best trip I have ever had. Having skied only on hills in Ontario, I was not experienced and faced a big challenge skiing on the Alps. After putting myself in an experienced ski group, I hurt my knees which affected my skiing for the next 1-2 days. But nonetheless, every single moment was an experience. I was amazed at how beautiful the Alps are and how amazing it was to ski on the Alps and how challenging it is compared to that in Ontario. The people I met on the trip, ski lessons I took as well as optional excursions were what made the trip an amazing experience which I never had before and will never forget! Learning to ski on the mountains with friends by doing ski lessons were much better than learning it alone, and overall, the long bus ride from London to Austria also helped us mingle and form our wolfpack, which is why I chose the bus from London. Excellent experience, will never forget!

Review written Sep 2013

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