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Not what I expected!

23 Sep 2011 - 01 Oct 2011

Let me start with Ireland in general was gorgeous. I had a lot of fun and I do not regret going. Basically I wish I went with a different tour group whether it be with Contiki or someone else. I imagine that Contiki in general does a good job but we were cursed with a tour 'manager' (as he referred to himself a million times) who was on his last tour so he didn't really care. He was partial to the party animals and didn't even attempt to get to know anyone else. He demanded tips and when writing our reviews basically told us what to write as well as hounded those who actually took time to write a review as opposed to just checking the boxes. One night I was late for dinner and he gave me heck about it the rest of the night. I was 5 minutes late as I was trying to reach my family in regards to my 3 year old being in the emergency room. Turned out to be just an ear infection but instead of asking me if everything was ok when I arrived late, he was awful to me. But when his class pets were late, he had NO problem with it. He also gave false information about Ireland. Our manager wasn't very well educated on Ireland nor was he polite by any means. We had two tour-mates leave do to his attitude and the way he allowed others to treat them. My biggest problem was his rush to get us back to the hotels to get the partying on as opposed to staying in the sites. For example, the rock of Cashel was a 45 minute stop. We didn't even get to go in which was supposed to be included in the tour, we had to pay to go in. Same with Jameson. I called contiki before I left to make sure Jameson was included. Our manager said I was lied to by customer service and said he would try to squeeze it in. Finally he squeezed it in at a cost of 10 Euro a piece. It was supposed to be included. I didn't end up going. My second biggest problem was our hotels were supposed to be central. We were not. We were usually 10 - 20 minutes away so taxi's sure cost us a pretty penny. As I said, I am glad I went but never again will I do a Contiki as this has left me with such a sour taste for the company. I will also be spreading the word on how awful it was. I am grateful the opportunity I had and the friends I met. wish I went a different route but I am still glad I went.

On a positive note, the last night at the Merry Ploughboys was amazing. I loved it. So was Aran Islands. Unless you are an athlete or good cyclist, do not take the bike ride as instructed as you will not get to see the entire Island. Another huge regret but our tour manager misinformed us stating we wouldn't see the entire island if we didn't take the bikes (as opposed to the guided tour or the horse carriage ride). Also, you have to pay for your own transportation around Aran Islands AFTER you already paid the extra just to go to the island. Oh how Contiki really got all us :)

Review written Oct 2011

My Contiki was: Beautiful, Disappointing , Insane

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