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The Letdown

23 Sep 2011 - 01 Oct 2011

First I would like to say that this is my first trip out of country hopping the pond. Ive wanted to come to Ireland for years to experience its history, country, people, and beauty. I was so excited when my travel agent suggested this someone who is socially awkward i found the prospect of a group tour encouraging. I would get to see a lot in a friendly group atmosphere and be able to make a lot of friends who were here for a similar purpose. This was not the case.

Every day as rushed. Up for breakfast and on the road by 8 most days. Very limited time in even the biggest location. we only had 1.5 hours at Blarney castle which is not long enough to do hardly anything other than kiss the stone. By the end of it i felt i had seen more of the inside of the bus than anything else. We seemed to speed through our days to get to the hotel as quickly as possible for the partying to begin. While i wanted to see some pubs and live music i did not take this trip to drink myself stupid every night, and that is what this tour catered to.

Our tour manager was nice enough, played music, games, kept it interesting enough (i heard he did a better job than other tour managers) but definitely seemed to flock to and plan more for the party animals on our tour. But when its your last tour and your boss actually gives you the task of drinking your weight in alcohol why should we expect anything else but an over emphasis on the drinking. Also, the racial jokes were seriously unappreciated...i would have rather heard the paris hilton one. The point is to make everyone feel included, not cater to one specific group on the tour.

Only twice was our hotel actually in town. The rest of the time if we wanted to stay to experience some of the night life we had to taxi back to our hotel which was usually at least 25 euro which is stupidly expensive. The hotel upgrades were not worth the increase in taxi fare, i would have rather stayed at another budget hotel and actually been in the town, not outside of it.

And the group on the tour was less than friendly. It was a very high school like mentality with lots of gossip, rumors, and unwelcoming cliques. Im too old for crap like that...i havent had to deal with that mentality since high school and it was miserable to deal with it on a tour bus for 7 days.

Ireland is beautiful. I would not let this tour dissuade me from coming back. Our bus drivers were amazing and very friendly. The people in Ireland are very friendly and the history is worth exploring. I will absolutely be returing. But i will rent a car and explore on my own. The best I can say for this tour is that it showed me the places i would like to spend more time. Other than that, I would absolutely not recommend it to anyone.

Review written Oct 2011

My Contiki was: Rushed, Beautiful, Irritating

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