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8 days

Ireland » Review by Explorer1204420

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Tour Review

18 Sep 2010 - 25 Sep 2010

I found this tour to be to be a waste of money and wish we have of done Ireland ourselves. The tour guide wasnt the friendliest of people and treated us like we were kids on a school bus excersion. I felt like she looked down on us because we didnt chose to do all the options and she also built everything up to be "wow" moments which lead to several let downs. I also did not like how she told us how to fill in our customer feedback form at the end of the trip. I dont recommend this trip as value for money, if you are going to go to Ireland, hire a car and do it yourself.
All the sights seemed repetative and it wasnt at all what I hoped for after a previous Contiki tour. This tour has put me off ever travelling to Ireland again and maybe recommending Contiki to friends.

Review written Oct 2010

My Contiki was: Boring, Structured, Repetative

event 0.3



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