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Ireland 2011

07 Oct 2011 - 15 Oct 2011

Just got back from my trip to Ireland!! It was Amazing!! We had such a great time and experienced so many interesting things! Me and my friend are already planning our next trip to Paris for New Years next year. Our trip through Northern Ireland was very informative and eye opening, I had no idea that the ongoing troubles were all so real still. . .it was very cool to hear it from someone who experienced it and our tour guide for that part of the trip couldn't have been better (Rolan I believe his name was?!) We had a great time in Derry and Belfast and loved the trip back down South to the Giants Causway, stop over in Sligo and the added bonus of the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge (which was one of mine, and my travel companions favorite experiences). The Blarney Castle was amazing, and although it was too foggy to see the Cliffs of Moher, the walk up and surrounding area was cool too see. Heading down through Galway was one of my favorite points as well, loved the city and the night life. Cork and Kilkenny also had to be two of my favorites, The whole West Coast was basically awesome, from the day-time sites, green landscape and nights ending with drinks, fun and some awesome new friends!
Our tour-guide, Stu, was awesome, he was very friendly, informative and interactive with day to night events. He made our trip that much more enjoyable!! Sad to hear he is leaving Contiki!! He will be a definite loss, but we were happy to be his last tour, we had a blast!!
Our driver - Gordon (Flash) was also very friendly and pleasant to be around! He also seemed to know so many things about the tour which was nice. . . however the bus was not my favorite part, it was very small and uncomfortable for long rides and was either FREEZING cold or very hot and a lot of people seemed to get sick from being confined without windows for such long periods of time.

We traveled with 6 people, which after meeting and talking to the rest of the travelers on our bus, seemed crazy, everyone was alone or with MAYBE one other person, and i think going forward I would do the same, as it def. gives you more opportunity to meet new people and make bonds that could last forever (although we def. were able to do that as well).

All in all we had an AMAZING time. I cant think of a better word to describe it. I am so happy Contiki was recommended to me and I will make sure to recommend it going forward. . .I can honestly say that I was not a big fan of the crazy schedule, as it didnt give much, if any, down time, but i understand that to see all we saw, it has to be somewhat regimented on a day-to-day basis.

Me and my friend have already begin to plan to travel to Paris with you for New Years 2012. I look forward to taking many more Contiki trips in the future!!

Thank you Contiki for making our trip one I will remember for a lifetime!!

~Nichole Ottina

Review written Oct 2011

My Contiki was: Amazing, A perfect mix of culture and fun, The trip of a Lifetime!

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