New Year in Paris

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New Year in Paris » Review by Lesley

New Year in Paris
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Better to go by yourself

29 Dec 2013 - 01 Jan 2014

Had a few misgivings with this tour:

The hotel in Paris is in a "ghetto" (the words of our tour manager, not mine). There were nightly gatherings of hundreds of what he referred to as "gypsies" outside the hotel every night.

We were made to pay for what was supposed to be our included meal (duck, escargot, etc), and then given dry chicken as our "included dinner" instead.

New Year's Eve in Paris is very dangerous. Contiki will not provide transportation on that night (not surprising because it's impossible for traffic to move with literally thousands of drunk people clogging the streets like a mob). There are no fireworks at Eiffel Tower, just the sparkle lights that happen every night, on the hour. Don't expect to be able to get back to the hotel before 4 AM.

Two drunk men harassed our entire floor in my hotel until early morning hours by screaming and trying to open all the doors. There was no phone in the room with which to call the front desk; very scary.

Review written Apr 2014

My Contiki was: stressful, dangerous, tacky

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