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New Year in Paris
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Paris New Year

29 Dec 2011 - 02 Jan 2012

Arrived into Paris December 30, 2011. Contiki changed our Hotel - Suite Home. dropped off our luggage and right back on the bus we drove around Paris.

Ben got us good. As we were driving he told us to look left and get cameras ready, and look for the candle stick in the third floor window, everyone was looking, Ben would be like have you found it yet? Just as we pulled up, Ben goes okay look right.. and there it was - the Eiffel Tower!! Gorgeous! He got us good!! Got to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle that was very cool.

Couldn't take great pictures from the bus because 1. it was TOO dark and 2. it was raining. But that is alright. The Bus let us out to grab a quick dinner and about half of the group stayed out and the other half decided to catch the bus back to the hotel for the night. After we got back on the bus, and driving onwards to the hotel - we saw someone trying to steal someones fanny bag. It was quite a uproar.

December 31, 20117am, had a quick bite to eat. Doug, Carlos, Erin and I left and took the metro into Paris to the Louvre. Recommend getting to the Louvre early so you can guarantee you get in, as the line up gets very long. Went straight to the Mona Lisa, then we browsed the rest. Erin and I lost Doug and Carlos. Good thing we had a planned internary.
TIP: stay close to your friends in the Louvre if you do not want to get lost. It is a very easy place to get lost in.

Next, Notre Dame, Free entrance. Lost Erin in it but instead of walking around I went to the Exit and she did the same thing, so we found each other.
TIP: always have a plan if you get separated from your group, like meet at the Exit.

Next stop, took the Metro to the Ugly Tower. We got in the line. Ben walks up, he had bought the groups tickets already, so we just bought our tickets from him (6 euros). Great timing Ben ;) thanks. Now this is a place where you can see the ENTIRE city of Paris. Gorgeous.

Next, back onto the Metro to the Eiffel Tower. So cool being able to stand under it, so surreal. Line up was HUGE so make sure you have all the time in the world to wait, to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I'd love to go back to do so!

Next, Arc De Triomphe - You can walk around in circles for hours, but take the stairs that brings you to the middle. stood underneath the Arc De Triomphe.

Next, Champ de elysees - now this is where all the fabulous shopping is, Stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton (every girls dream!!). Oh and the McDonald's where we had a late lunch; Big Mac with Beer. continued walking Champ de elysees to where we had to meet the bus to take us back to the hotel to get ready for the New Years Fun to begin at Sullies. Free champagne at midnight. Lots of dancing and Picture ops. Great times all together. There were 5 other Contiki groups there.

New Years Day
Perfum de musee and the Ugly Tower. Moulin Rouge - amazing show. If your in Paris... Go to the show! Afterwards go to the aussie pub across the street for drinks with your tour mates, celebrating the New Year and end of tour drinks.

Only downfall I have to mention is, not enough time in Paris. But other than that, great times, great place to ring in the New Year.

Review written Jan 2012

My Contiki was: Fabulous, Bonne Annee!!!, sensational

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