The Little Hopper 2016

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The Little Hopper 2016
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Happy days!!

15 Aug 2011 - 26 Aug 2011

I did the Little Hopper/Expedition with Paddy (tour manager), Matty (driver) and Alana (our cook) and it was amazing!!!! [I should add more exclamation marks to that amazing but I feel like I'll loose my credibility]
If you are debating between a camping tour and something else - do a camping tour especially if you are travelling alone. Camping is like a little community and you get very close with your teammates really fast. You will set up the campsite together, cook your meals together, eat together - it's like you make a family in a few short days.
Paddy, Matty and Alana are amazing people! If you have them on any of the tours, you've lucked out!
This was my second contiki and the people on the tour, the contiki crew and the simplicity of the campsite living made it awesome. You can't really change what cities have to offer: Leaning Tower is the Leaning Tower, Colosseum is the Colosseum, Monaco is Monaco... those places and things to see aren't changing so it really comes down to who you see it with! I am really happy I lucked out with such an awesome and fun team to experience this adventure with!
Happy days and cool beans for life!!!

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: Amazing, Adventurous, Fun

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