Turkey & Greek Island Odyssey

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Turkey & Greek Island Odyssey
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30 Jul 2014 - 08 Aug 2014

I have been a seasoned traveller this being my third Contiki in 4 years, all being absolutely amazing....until "Turkey & Greek Island Odyssey"

This tour certainly needs a lot of work. It was the most unorganised and poorly run tour I have been on yet. The local guide in Turkey was extremely rude and took advantage of the guests on the bus by exchanging money at a hiked rate, leaving us in pre organised bars which he obviously was receiving back handers from locals to bring us to, where they charged us extortion prices for drinks then argued the bill after.

Then coming to the Greek islands part, the islands were absolutely amazing but the organisation was terrible, that's why you pay to go on a "GUIDED" trusted tour. The tours were in excess of 45 Euros, once we arrived on the island we found that you could take the same tours for 26 Euros.

I can appreciate a bit of business and making money but this is why you take these guided, trusted tours to avoid being taken for a ride by locals.

I am extremely disappointed and will not be undergoing another Contiki.

Feel free to make your own mind up but I'd highly recommend avoiding Turkey and doing a sole Greek island tour.

Review written Aug 2014

My Contiki was: Turkey, Greece, Extortion

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