Turkey & Greek Island Odyssey

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Turkey & Greek Island Odyssey
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Fab experience !

13 Aug 2014 - 22 Aug 2014

This was my very first contiki trip. I absolutely loved it! You get to experience and explore a little bit of everything in each country. You start in Istanbul - you'll do a lot in the city in two days you're here . I enjoyed going to the spice market, the grand bazaar , blue mosque, Hagia Sofia , Basilica Cistern(i highly recommend this one!) and of course the Turkish bath (trust me my skin has never felt cleaner and softer !). However, if you're a female ,let your tour guide know if you prefer to get washed by women instead of the big belly Turkish men. Either way, it was very relaxing and our group of 44 had a Turkish bath bonding time.I wish I had an extra day in Istanbul to just explore the city and mingle with the locals. 2 days is just not enough to do everything. So i highly recommend getting there a day or two early. Turkey was amazing with its history and friendly people . But, what made the Turkey part of the trip very entertaining and exciting for me was our fabulous and favorite Turkish man aka our tour guide and manager Ahmet. He is full of life with quite a sense of humor. He is very knowledgeable and knows his history. He would tell us interesting facts about the sites. He loves his country and made us all fall in love with it too. The trip wouldn't have been same without Ahmet! He def is a "piece of art" as he likes to call himself. We all fell in love with him and his willingness to show us a good time in Turkey . Very well balanced trip!
Greek Island part was nice as well. But it felt like just a few hours on each island wasn't enough ..esp Santorini. I highly recommend this trip !

Review written Aug 2014

My Contiki was: Fav. Turkish man Ahmet, Well balanced trip, Amazing sites

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