Greek Island Adventurer 2016

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Greek Island Adventurer 2016
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Elephant Man

29 Jun 2013 - 07 Jul 2013

It's been almost a year and I still talk about this trip as it was a week ago.
The weather was perfect, the food is amazing and Paradise Beach Mykonos is out of this world. Get a photo with elephant man... You won't be disappointed! I love five minutes away from the girl I was roommates with. It's amazing when we tell people that we became friends in Greece. Where do I begin to describe how much fun I had in Mykonos? Table dancing, Long Island iced teas. Beach. Sun. Bikinis. Margaritas with breakfast. Paros was nice and relaxing.. A few days to recover after Mykonos. Then on to santorini. The photo opportunities are endless - charge your camera, take your phone. Take 1000s of pictures on each. Night time is just as beautiful as when the sun hits the white houses scattered on the cliff. The donkey ride is awesome. Take some coins because people take your photo while you are riding your donkey up the mountain. Once you finish it's printed waiting for you. That's an awesome keepsake. Everytime I hear our contiki song it reminds me of dancing on bar tops and cocktail buckets.

Review written Jun 2014

My Contiki was: Beach, Bikinis , Booze

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