Trail to Rome

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17 days
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Trail to Rome
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Better than you could ever imagine!

22 Jun 2015 - 07 Jul 2015

If you choose trail to Rome you will, and i guarantee have the most amazing time of your life. One night you are partying away at the biggest club in Berlin and the next night you are attending the opera in Vienna. It is truely amazing the amount of things you see and how much there is to do! We have an incredible tour manager Jake "the snake" Stewart and a cracking driver Porfirro who made every aspect of the trip unforgettable and knew exactly where to an not too go. One absolute must do is the scare house in Krakow which was the most exhilarating 20 minutes of my entire life. We had big group which worked really well. Every single day keeps getting better! Highlights were Krakow, Budapest & Amsterdam. You will not regret!

Review written Nov 2015

My Contiki was: Crazy, Insightful, Memorable

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Trail to Rome
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Great tour, highly recommended!

12 Sep 2015 - 27 Sep 2015

This tour is a great option for a number of reasons.

1. Great length of time
The trip itself is only 16 days. This is a great period of time to spend on Contiki - you can make friends, see so many things and not get "over it" - sometimes Contiki can be really full on and overwhelming, not to mention exhausting.

2. Great destinations
The places you visit are all really interesting and have heaps to offer, whether you want to go out and drink with your Contiki friends, or see the city sites. The opportunities to do things built into your tour are great, and the ME time optionals are mostly really good too.

3. Great Contiki crew
Both the tour managers and drivers have been professional, personable and trustworthy on both tours I've done. I can't complain about Contiki staff - they do a great job in trying conditions. Contiki busses are comfortable, and if you're lucky enough to get the selfie bus, you can't miss it!

4. Great companions
The people who do Contiki have varied personalities, which is great because everyone is welcomed and is accepted. You don't find yourself left out or abandoned, because your mates are watching out for you. Whether you're a party animal or a bit more reserved and introverted, you will be fine. You will enjoy yourself!

Re feedback for the tour itself, I have a couple of things to mention:

Venice accommodation is awful. Please find somewhere else. If it means a price rise, do it anyway. I would rather have paid more than have stayed there... and that's putting it politely! I am happy to discuss this further with Contiki if necessary.

The included dinners - mostly average to bad. The standout was the meal provided in Krakow. Please consider sourcing other meal options for included dinners OR remove most of them. I honestly would rather have not paid for them and found my own food. The group doesn't need them to bond either, if that is a concern. You spend enough time with people doing other activities that the dinners are not necessary if the quality of the meals is going to remain the same. I know other people on the tour felt this way after discussions about this.

Some of the ME time optionals should be assessed at the time of attending - the reason I say this is because I don't think the form provided just before the conclusion of the tour is given at an ideal time to supply genuine feedback.

My biggest gripe with this tour, and should be noted by people booking this, is that it says the tour finishes at midday on the last day. On my particular tour, the colosseum tour was booked for 1:30pm the day of the finish. Because I didn't stay for another night in Rome, I completely missed out on the colosseum tour. This is not acceptable, and IMO is falsely advertised. If the tour itinerary advertises the colosseum as included in the time frame of the tour, the tour should deliver that, end of story. Despite the fact that I didn't miss out financially, I missed out on an opportunity, which is really disappointing. Please amend this. To anyone booking - if you want to see Rome, you need to stay at least 1-2 days extra.

I've posted this feedback publicly both for the benefit of people looking at this tour, and for Contiki to review.

Review written Oct 2015

My Contiki was: Intense, Interesting, Satisfying

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  • Michelle
  • Michelle
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Trail to Rome

Trip of a Lifetime!

09 May 2014 - 25 May 2014

This tour was absolutely amazing! I went in May of 2014 and had the time of my life. It definitely hit all the right spots and gave us heaps of free time to see anything and everything that you want. I went on my own on the trip and made friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I would recommend this tour to anyone that is a "culture vulture" (meaning someone who wants to see the history, experience the culture and visit all the major sites). The options were well worth it, though some of the included dinners were sub-par. If you do this trip, do the salt mines and the Budapest cruise! I am still laughing about the memories we made on those. Overall, I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to make new friend and have a heck of a time in Europe!

Review written Jun 2014

My Contiki was: Amazing, Memories, Well-worth it

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What's Included

All of this & more, included as standard on your trip.


  • 16 nights accommodation: 9 nights in hostels, 7 nights in hotel upgrade
  • Modern, air-conditioned coach with electrical outlets for charging
  • Hotel tips, local taxes & service charges
  • Ferry crossing


  • An experienced & professional Trip Manager & Driver team
  • Sightseeing tours of all major cities plus orientations in all other destinations


  • 21 meals included in Food Fund:
  • 15 breakfasts
  • 6 dinners


  • 13 World Heritage Sites visited
  • See the White Cliffs of Dover
  • See canals & a windmill on a countryside bike tour in Edam (Summer only)
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Me Time

  • Canal Cruise (1.5 hours)
  • Canal cruise (1 hour)
  • Volendam Dinner
  • Berlin historical walking tour
  • Cold War & Cold Drinks
  • Prague bike tour (Summer Only)
  • River cruise with buffet meal
  • Mozart & Strauss concert
  • Old Vienna Schnaps Museum
  • Salt Mine Tour (Winter Only)
  • Salt Mine Tour (Summer Only)
  • Traditional Polish Pierogi Evening (Summer Only)
  • River Cruise with dinner
  • Budapest Past and Present Tour
  • Locally Guided Tour of the Isle of Capri (Winter Only)
  • Traditional Tastes of Venice
  • Gondola ride
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On a budget?

  • The average cost per day for this tour is US$127
  • You only need a US$200 deposit to book and pay in full 45 days before you travel.
  • Pay in installments, with Contiki Easy Pay

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