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Amsterdam to Barcelona
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21 Jul 2011 - 01 Aug 2011

This was my first contiki trip and I had an AMAZING time travelling from the Netherlands to Barcelona. Our driver and tour director were great. We had some long drives during our trip - but it was all good for me. When you go in with and open mind and absolutely no expectations i think it makes the trip that much better - you haven't limited yourself in anyway and are open and receptive to the experiences that come your way. My favorite stop on this trip I would say was Nice, simply because I took the free time to have a day to myself in this amazing city. A majority of folks headed off to the beach and i got a late start and headed out to the Contemporary Art Gallery instead, stopping at a park along the way to orient myself (which turned out to be right behind the Gallery). I then made my way toward the Promenade de Anglais in search of Le Chateaux. When i did find it, I never made my way to the very top, having done a lot of walking prior and had completely exhausted myself. Not to mention I had already gotten the photographs I was seeking before getting that point.

I would love to go back and visit. Paris and Barcelona are also on my list because I just got a little taste of these cities and would love to have more time to explore. Some of the hotels (and meals) left more to be desired, but won't knit-pick on this particular subject. Bottom line is I enjoyed myself and would do this again. Additionally met some great folks along the way.

Review written Aug 2011

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