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Berlin & Prague plus Vienna
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Eat More Sausage!

09 Nov 2012 - 18 Nov 2012

This was my first Contiki alone, but not my first. I'm so glad I took the plunge and went solo because I made so many friends. I decided to get to Berlin a day early so I wouldn't have to deal with the jet lag on the first night of the tour. Just did the extra night through Contiki and I met a ton of other tour mates before the tour started which was great. The hotel was nothing fancy but it had all the basic amenities and it was CLEAN! The only downside was that it only had free wifi in the lobby and it was a 10 min walk from the subway... that isn't too terrible but when me and my tour mates were lugging around luggage for 5 long blocks... it made a difference. The optional tour of Berlin was amazing, our local tour guide was very insightful. He also took us on the Eye Spy tour which wasn't exactly what I imagined with the whole spy mystery thing but we did get a lot of history on the Berlin wall before we headed out to party. Probably the best night out of the whole tour! On the drive down to Prague we stopped in Dresden, Germany. We only got a couple of hours there so don't waste your time eating lunch inside a restaurant. Grab a sausage from a food truck and walk around. It is GORGEOUS! When we finally arrived in Prague we had dinner at the converted church. We stayed at an Ibis in Prague which was the best hotel we stayed at since it was very modern and had free wifi in the rooms. The breakfast wasn't so great, I found a hair in the bacon.... Anyways, Prague was amazing despite the heavy fog that clouded the skyline for half the day. Walking tour was great to familiarize ourselves with the town. I skipped out on the lunch cruise so I could explore the city more and see the Astronomical clock in action once again and a very awkward visit to the Sex Machine museum. For some local cheap good eats, check out Czech Kitchen by the small market. Good food, it is a cafeteria style restaurant. Definitely take advantage of the optional Czech dinner. It was lots of fun with the music and dancing. It was interactive too. We got to play local games and won little bottles of czech alcohol to take home. Prague Pub Crawl was optional and 20 Euros. I would've had more fun if the bars didn't allow smoking indoors. It made it very difficult to breathe for me personally. Since I caught the "Contiki Cough" on a winter tour, this pub crawl was definitely not a great idea for me to partake in. The ride down to Vienna was a trek and we stopped at a small town. AVOID the "authentic Italian" restaurant that takes credit cards at all costs. Couple of tour mates and I got a bit of food poisoning there. Vienna was AMAZING! The first included dinner there was probably the best included dinner I've ever had on a Contiki tour. They took us to a restaurant called Leonard's I think. Also, the hotel in Vienna is very sophisticated, I really liked it. It was quaint. Unfortunately at this point I only had one day left in my Contiki since I had to go back to work I couldn't continue to Budapest. We had a free day in Vienna to check it out. Lucky for us we were there for the Christmas markets. BEAUTIFUL and I love Christmas. Try the sausage with cheese inside it. I cant remember the name right now but it was amazing. When they take you to the Schnapps museum, try the rocket fuel. You'll thank me later ;) Overall this tour was great. Our guide Glenn was hilarious and our driver Elko was very interesting to talk to. He had many great stories. The tour mates were great, but as always you do tend to make a little group and they were truly fun to go out and share experiences with. I cannot wait to do my next Contiki!

Review written Dec 2012

My Contiki was: educational, exciting, unforgettable

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