Costa Rica Unplugged (Until August 2016) 2016

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Costa Rica Unplugged (Until August 2016) 2016 » Review by Brian

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Costa Rica Unplugged (Until August 2016) 2016
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09 Aug 2014 - 20 Aug 2014

Costa Rica was awesome!!!! Olivier better know as Oli was great and very knowledgable about his country!!!! The day life was great just be sure to wear great shoes for rough terrain and have a poncho or rain jacket at all times for the rain. The night life was ok, but with the group of friends we had it made it even better!!! The groups are small so it is easy to get to know everyone.

Something's you need to know!!
-the trip would be easier with a hiking backpack vs luggage
-bug spray (Bens bug spray 100) works great!!
-itching cream/allergy meds/triple antibiotic ointment
-money half in Costa Rica colon and half in US dollars, most everyplace takes US dollars, but it is cheaper if you use colon
-bring a pair of jeans for the cloud forest it gets cold
-waterproof camera if you want pics
-every activity was fun except for the ATV (very restrictive on everything) and the horses on the beach (the trail was through the jungle and was pretty intense even for and experienced rider, one of the horses kicked my wife's leg and broke her fibula and hairline fracture to her tibia and the hospitals were fun) thankfully it was on the second to last day when it happened!!
-last you have to pay a exist tax that is 30 US dollars, once you get into the airport for departure it is to the right, and you will have to fill out the back the the paper they give you so have a pen ready.

Pack light!!! Lots of walking!!! Have a great time!!!

Review written Aug 2014

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