Costa Rica Unplugged (Until August 2016) 2016

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Costa Rica Unplugged (Until August 2016) 2016
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Unforgettable Trip!

22 Jun 2013 - 03 Jul 2013

This trip was amazing!

The Accommodations
The accommodations were way better than expected. The special night stays were great. In Tortuguero the lodge is in the rainforest. There is a lot of wildlife you can experience just walking around the lodge including howler monkeys, parrots and toucans. The tent special stay lodge was also really neat. You sleep in tents but they have queen size beds and a bathroom with running water. Some of the accommodations had AC but not all of them, however this was never a problem. It seemed to cool off enough at night that heat was not an issue, and with the amazing sounds of the wildlife I got some of the best nights of sleep in my life. Most accommodations had hot water. The only time I had an issue with this was in the tent suites...but you only stay there one night so it wasn’t a huge deal.

In Sarapiqui, you get to choose from rafting, ziplining, or rappelling free of charge. My entire group opted for the rafting which I would highly recommend. This was the only opportunity for rafting and there is better ziplining and rappelling in other areas of Costa Rica. The optionals that I participated in were canyoneering in La Fortuna, ziplining in Montverde, and kayaking and the catamaran cruise in Manuel Antonio. I would recommend all of these activities, especially if you are into adventure sports. The catamaran cruise was the last night of the trip which made it a great way to say goodbye to our group. The alcohol is free and there are snacks on board. There is an opportunity to snorkel, and ride a slide down into the water.

What to Pack
Clothing wise I would recommend a combination of adventure/workout clothes and a few nicer pieces of clothing (for nights out). A rain coat is a must and I would recommend a poncho as well. When it rains in Costa Rica it pours and even expensive rain coats got wet quickly. Once something gets wet it won’t dry for days due to the humidity. I packed a newspaper to help keep my shoes dry when there was no AC or hair dryer in the room. Water shoes are another must. I brought a pair of crocs along which worked great for canyoneering. During that excursion you walk through water constantly so a quick drying waterproof shoe is necessary. Bug spray and sun screen were also a must. Some people on my trip were bitten often so I would recommend bringing some sort of ointment to treat bug bites. I would also recommend packing a few general medicine items such as cough drops or cold/flu medicine. I had a head cold for a few days and having the medicine allowed me to fully participate in all the activities.

A waterproof camera is a must for this trip. Not only can you take great pictures in the rain, but can take it along on all the excursions such as canyoneering and ziplining. I invested in a cheap one right before I left and am glad I did. Those who did not have waterproof cameras were able to get some pictures but missed out on taking it along on many of the excursions.

There are plenty of ATM’s throughout Costa Rica so accessing money was not an issue. The only days ATM’s are not available are during the time in Tortuguero so make sure you have enough cash to get you through the first few days of the trip.
All of the hotels had safes, except for Arenal but the hotel has a safe at the front desk you can use. In Monteverde you have to give them a deposit to use the safe in your room but as long as you return the key you get all of your money back.

Overall this trip was unforgettable and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great combination of adventure and relaxation. Most of the adventure activities are optional so even if you are not looking for that type of activity I would recommend this trip. Not only do you get to see wildlife like monkeys, sloths, toucans, and dart frogs, but there are plenty of days at the beach. Our tour group was great. The guide was knowledgeable and a lot of fun. This trip was truly an experience of a lifetime!

Review written Aug 2013

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