Costa Rica Unplugged (Until August 2016)

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Costa Rica Unplugged (Until August 2016)
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31 Aug 2013 - 11 Sep 2013

Wow, I had the most incredible adventure! I experienced so many things and met a bunch of cool people! I highly recommend this trip to everyone!

We saw animals everyday, even just walking down the street or on our way to restaurants. We also got to go on a boat tour and see more wildlife. We saw sloths, monkeys, turtles (got to watch them lay eggs), butterflies, hummingbirds, crocs, beavers, and very interesting birds. Be prepared to be woken up to birds every morning. We also got to see some cool volcano's, rivers, and waterfalls. The hikes were pretty cool, although I'm not much of a hiker.

The accommodations were better than I expected. Our view from La Fortuna was of the volcano! The hotel at Manuel Antonio was a block away from the beach. The pool by Tortuguero and La Fortuna were awesome. I really enjoyed Tortuguero because you had to take a water taxi everywhere. And watching turtles lay eggs at night was an incredible experience. The night at the tents were pretty interesting, no amount of zipping up will get those bugs away.

I learned a lot about the culture of Costa Rica through the chocolate and coffee tours, as well as the visit to the school (Jova and Fernando

In terms of actives, you are never bored! The whole group decided to do water rafting and although I fell into the water and got pushed off a cliff at some point, I would not change that experience for anything! I also did canyoneering which is not to be missed! I definitely faced my fears with that one. Ziplining through the rainforest is another unforgettable experience, especially the Tarzan swing towards the end. The kayaking optional was alright, very exhausting (although everyone like to remind me that I barely did any paddling) and the water was too murky to dive into but the views were amazing as always. ATVing is another must. At the halfway point they take you to a waterfall where you can dip in for a bit. Trust me, you need it! The ATV's get you super muddy. The sunset cruise was another great experience. We actually got to see whales while on it. And who would turn down an open bar?

I think my favorite experience throughout the whole trip would have to be the night we went to watch the Costa Rica vs USA soccer game. Tico's live and breathe soccer. The Americans inthe group took white shirts and drew American flags on them to represent our country. We definitely got stared at by the people at the bar but it was so much. Luckily, USA lost and the bar turned into a huge dance party!

I don't think I could have enjoyed the trip even half as much as I did if it wasnt for Andres, out tour manager. He eats, lives, and breathes Costa Rica. Multiple times on the trip he got calls from people asking about specific animals or plants. He knows everything about anything that has to do with Costa Rica! I seriously don't know how any of us could have experienced Costa Rica without him. Thank you Andres for everything! I had a blast and it was all thanks to you.

I also need to give a special shout out to our bus driver, Wilbert (or Billy but he only let's his friends call him that :) ). He knows his way around every street in Costa Rica and you could tell he really got attached to and cared for all of us.

I will keep in touch with my 'Las Contegas' for a long time to come! I miss you already!

Review written Sep 2013

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