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The Explorer (Until Jan 2014)
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12 Jul 2013 - 30 Jul 2013

i was very apprehensive about travel latin america and it was the best experience ever!

Everything was amazing on this trip and i met the best people. The thing about south america is you have to be very open minded - like when we went to a meat market in cusco and watched them cooks live frogs for soup or when eating deep fried guinea pig for dinner.

Compared to other contiki's i have done this was definately less bus time, in Europe we were constantly on the bus but hardly ever here. There is SO much to do from trekking up macchu picchu to sampling brazilian feast and drinking with the locasl south america was amazing.

- trekking macchu picchu definately do the day trekk dont just catch the train yes it is hard work but well worth the view at the end.
- jungle / amazon stay BY FAR THE BEST it is amazing, sleeping in rooms with no electricity, candle light, open walls listening to animals truly and experience i will never forget
- clubbing in argentina - be prepared clubs dont open here till 1am but it is WELL WORTH the wait
- brazil brazil brazil - everything about brazil was the best, food, culture, beaches all of it
- favela party - it is an optioanl on this trip and WELL WORTH it picture the scene from fast and the furious 5 where they are all dancing to loud music in the streets around cars - pretty much excatly the same was amazing.

I would reccomend you take alot of diffrent clothes i only took warm thinking it wouldnt be too cold but places like cusco in peru are very cold at night so pack for all season.
Also be prepared for altitude in cusco most of our tour sufffered from it at some point so stock up on the alititude tablets.

I would definately reccomend this tour it was long enough to see everything and is truly unique.

Review written Sep 2013

My Contiki was: amazing, unique, unforgettable

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