Argentina & Brazil Experience (Until December 2016) 2016

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Argentina & Brazil Experience (Until December 2016) 2016 » Review by Aaron

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Argentina & Brazil Experience (Until December 2016) 2016
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Argentina & Brazil Experience

02 Feb 2014 - 11 Feb 2014

Overall the tour was good. We saw many sites and had fun doing it. The biggest problem encountered was the flights booked by Contiki. The airline booked our flight on a Wednesday morning from Buenos Aires to Iguassu Falls instead of Tuesday morning when it was supposed to be. Contiki should have confirmed the correct departure date and time well enough in advance to avoid this situation. As a result we had to change our departure flight from Iguassu Falls to Rio de Janeiro. That flight had to be changed to the following morning due to technical problems with the jet. It is not Contiki's fault for the technical airline problems but if Contiki had us on the proper flight the first time, we would not of encountered the delay in our flight from Iguassu to Rio. This resulted in condensed time in both Buzios and Rio de Janeiro. The tour manager did her best under the circumstances and did well to ensure we did everything we planned on doing during the tour however we were very rushed in Brazil with no downtime. I only hope that Contiki has learned from this mistake and doesn't let it happen again.

Review written Feb 2014

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