Argentina & Brazil Experience (Start Buenos Aires)

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Argentina & Brazil Experience (Start Buenos Aires)
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Tour is work in progress, Horrible Tour tour guide & horrible customer service

02 Feb 2014 - 11 Feb 2014

I am a 24 year old female who loves to take trips on group tours, such like contiki. I love the people on the trips, I love the itineraries, and I love the experience of them. I recently went on a trip in February to do the Argentina and Brazilian Experience. I was really disappointed with the guide. The trip itself was good, but the guide was not great. This was the first time I had experienced this with Contiki. She was biased towards liking the men on the trip more then the woman. I once asked her a question and she told me I should've been listening and I asked one of the guys to ask her the same question and she responded right away while flirting with him. She didn't know any information that every question we asked her she didn't know the answer-and that's ok because I don't expect tour guides to know everything, but she didn't even go out of her way to find out the answer. Most of the time we were doing our own research and asking other people for information. She didn't seem interested in even being on the trip. One of the girls on the trip felt like she was going to faint because we hadn't stopped for food and the tour guide made a huge deal about having to stop for food and that it was really inconvenient. The girl who was ready to faint said "that's ok I'm just going to faint then don't worry about me" and the guide was like "ok lets keep going then." Thank goodness for great people on the trip otherwise it would've been a really unpleasant experience. I know there are quite a few people who are still writing their complaints about her. I am already looking at new Contiki trips, but I don't think I got my moneys worth by having her as a guide. We did have some trip delays. It was a 10 day trip and we spent one day in the airport and spent 2 extra nights in Argentina which set back everything else on the tour and minimized our time everywhere therein after. It is understandable and I don't hold her accountable, but having a bad guide on top made the situation rough.

When i got home i wrote contiki a complaint and it took them about 1 month to respond. They defended to tour guide and only offered 5% off my next tour. Very in sincere and does not help the waisted money and energy that i spent going on that tour. Next time i recommend EF COLLEGE BREAK TOUR COMPANY!!!!!

Review written Apr 2014

My Contiki was: uneducated tour guide, unorganized tour, multiple flight delays, always running late for things and waiting, TOO MANY canceled optionals!

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