The Big Tiki (Auckland to Christchurch - Until October 2014)

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The Big Tiki (Auckland to Christchurch - Until October 2014) » Review by Karlee

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The Big Tiki (Auckland to Christchurch - Until October 2014)
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Winter New Zealand Big Tiki

15 Dec 2012 - 02 Jan 2013

Words can't even explain how much fun I had in New Zealand in December 2012.
First, our bus driver and tour manager, Adam and Sarah, were aaaamazing! Everything was well-organized throughout the entire tour in terms of where you needed to be and when. Another nice thing was that we had alot of free time to ourselves and you could sign up for what activities you wanted to do and no matter how many you had, Sarah worked her magic and made sure you got to do everything you wanted to!
Top must do things would be parasailing in pahia, bungy jumping since it was founded in New Zealand, the Canyon Swing because meeting the workers there are an experience themselves, glow worm tubing, and white water rafting in rotorua.
I also would recommend the wine tour in wellington and the yacht/dolphin swim in pahia!
After 22 days it's ubelievable to think of all of the things that we did! If you get sea-sick, make sure you bring alot of meds for it because they really come in handy in the North Island to keep you from missing out.
We lucked out and didn't get rained on during our trip. We did have quite a few cloudy days due to the cyclone that hit Fiji blowing in. The clouds didn't really effect our tour though except for the people that were skydiving.
Unfortunately we weren't able to do the Heli-hike due to cloud cover at the glacier but we did do the Fox Trail hike. Personally, I wouldn't recommend wasting your money on the hike. That is only my opinion though because I have walked on glaciers (being from Canada). If you have never though, it is still an amazing must-do experience and it is neat to do it there because you're on a glacier in the middle of a rainforest.

If you're looking to book a tour to New Zealand, I STRONGLY recommend this tour since it covers the entire country. I couldn't imagine only getting the chance to experience half of New Zealand. The South Island is beautiful and alot like a "wine-country" atmosphere in the mountains while mixing in a whole-lot of adrenaline. The North Island was like a "spring-break get-away" atmosphere with beaches and water sports. New Zealand definitely satisfies whichever vacation you are looking for and more.

Review written Apr 2013

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