Kiwiana Panorama (Auckland to Christchurch - Until October 2014)

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Kiwiana Panorama (Auckland to Christchurch - Until October 2014)
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Definitely Do Both Islands

14 Jul 2013 - 29 Jul 2013

Ok so for people who don't know, on New Zealand Tours you have the Big Tiki which is the longest tour, all the other tours are sections of this tour, so I did Kiwiana which joins the Big Tiki after their first 3 days, what ends up happening is some people do short tours in the north or south and they join and leave your group when their tours are up, in this case the tour starts in the North so had a great time with the ppl in the North then they leave around Wellington, get some new ppl for the South and alot of ppl leave after Queenstown. Anyone who is considering doing just one island try and do both, its harder for the ppl leaving and joining in the middle then everyone who stayed on, if you have to shorten it I would recommend the Kiwiana that ends in Queenstown since alot of ppl end there.

North Island is mostly traveling and awesome optionals, so you can do some stuff here that is available in the south but more expensive, ie whitewater rafting, but your normal day is travel to a city for a night and do something super cool during the day as you travel. Rotorua is really cool and Wellington is nice but I dont remember the places so much as Ogo, rafting (black and white) and rock and ropes.

South Island is basically summarized as Queenstown, this is Las Vegas with gambling replaced with adrenaline. You get cheap drinks at all kinds of bars here and anything that will get your heart pounding is available here. DO CANYON SWING, everyone should do this, everyone on my tour agreed that this was intense, ppl who ski dived and bungeed agreed this was a different rush. After Queenstown Dunedin is cool but you will be exhausted from leaving Queenstown, Christchurch is interesting in a morbid sort of way with all the damage.

As for my crew, had Saul and Dyson and my God were they great, i havent done any other tours but the ppl who had agreed that they are awesome. The north has better places to stay then the south and the included breakfasts are better, the bus was super nice but wish it could play usb on the tv since some video souvenirs were on usb instead of dvd but thats my only real complaint. My tour was mostly Aussie with a few Canucks, a few Brits, an Irishman and a Yankee and we all seemed to get along well, pretty much everyone caught a cough during the trip so maybe multivitamins for my next one.

Review written Aug 2013

My Contiki was: Awesome, Adventure

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