Ultimate NZ Ski

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7 days

Ultimate NZ Ski » Review by Lachy Davis

Ultimate NZ Ski
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Winter Wonderland!!

06 Jul 2014 - 12 Jul 2014

Before I head into it take this into account before booking this tour: if you have never skied or boarded before, this tour probably isn't great. You more than likely wont enjoy it as much, but still you can have a lot of fun. Lessons arn't organised for you though, but gear is if you haven't got you own.

BUT this tour was pretty bloody good!! I was lucky when I was there, the people on my tour were awesome and we all got along really well. Being a pretty good skier I loved it and the weather was perfect. Blue sky's and heaps of powder, what more can you ask for!! 4 days skiing and with day in the middle to jump off cliffs, bridges, boat rides and all that good stuff was awesome and went out for dinner and drinks every night, and you don't have to head out for a late one if you don't want to. But the nightlife does go off!

Also there is some time to explore which I loved, you do get a bit of freedom. And the scenery is unreal, I got some awesome photos of mountains and the lake at Queenstown. Absolutely stunning trust me. So if you can ski or board at all, I recommend it. I'd go again for sure!!

Review written Sep 2014

My Contiki was: Awesome skiing, Stunning scenery, Loads of fun!!

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