Grand Northern (Until Oct 2016)

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Grand Northern (Until Oct 2016)
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17 Sep 2010 - 11 Oct 2010

This was an AMAZING trip!
Our guide Kris was great fun & organised a lot of extra activities for us to do, like seeing a baseball game in Chicago, and a hockey game in Montreal, going to a jazz club, cocktails at the top of towers, pub crawls, beer pong, karaoke.... he even managed to get the AFL grand final on the big screen for us in the middle of a busy Toronto night club!
Kris knew an awful lot about the history of each town too, so while we were driving around in the bus he'd give a run down of how each town came to life and point out all the great place to eat, drink, take great photos and the sights to see.
Our driver, Jerry, was such a laugh and always making jokes and the people feel at home. A great driver too, so you always felt safe when he was behind the wheel.
I met a lot a great people on the trip and quite a few I still catch up with and keep in contact with...and not only people that were on the bus, but people we met in the towns we visited. Facebook does make this very easy.
If you're thinking about doing this trip I'd highly recommend it! You get a bit of everything. The big cities, the bright lights, the cowboy towns, the national parks, the mountains... It really is a great way to see a LOT of the USA in a short amount of time.

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: FUN, Eye-opening, Unforgetable

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