Grand Northern (Until Oct 2016)

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Grand Northern (Until Oct 2016) » Review by Morgan

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Grand Northern (Until Oct 2016)
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Grand Northern (New York Start)

17 Jun 2011 - 11 Jul 2011

What an amazing tour! This tour was one of the best ways to see all that northern U.S.A and Canada has to offer. Keep in mind that it is go, go, go like all Contiki tours but one of the best ways to see a lot of the northern part of North America in a short amount of time. When you go to Canada, you HAVE to go on the Jet Boating tour. BEST MONEY SPENT ON TOUR! Not to give too much away but you won't walk away from the experience disappointed. There is a little bit of a lull between Chicago and Salt Lake City, but you will need it to get your energy back for LAS VEGAS!

My top three places (in no particular order);
- Chicago (pizza is awesome and so is the music. An architecturally beautiful city. Definate wow factor)
- Québec City (in fact all of Canada - it's like it stepped out of a postcard. Culture is fantastic and the people are super nice!)
- Las Vegas (need I say more?)

If you are thinking about seeing a lot of the north, then do this tour!

Review written Nov 2011

My Contiki was: Variety, Exciting, Action-packed

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