Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017)

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Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017)
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AMAZING!!!! Time of my life

09 Aug 2012 - 03 Sep 2012

Contiki Grand Southern was INCREDIBLE! Can't believe how much I got to see and do in just 26 days! Vegas was sensational, the night life in New Orleans is like nothing I've ever experienced - you must go to Bourbon St! Even some of the smaller towns along the way, like Savannah, were some of the best nights on the trip! The bus trip was fun, as there were always people to chat to or games going on, or you could just sleep after the big nights out! Personally, my favourite optionals were the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon (amazing experience!), white water rafting in Durango, the rodeo and Cowboy Stadium tour in Dallas, riverboat dinner cruise in New Orleans, Universal Studios in Orlando and the Miami party booze cruise. And of course, the people that I travelled with were incredible. By the end of the trip I had made so many amazing new friends! The people you meet and experience everything with on the trip is what makes it so great, I am really happy that I decided to go on my own too! I also highly recommend staying in New York after the Contiki, its an incredible place and there's heaps to see and do there! Everyone who is thinking about doing this tour, you definitely won't regret it!!! I had the time of my life.

Review written Oct 2012

My Contiki was: 24/7 Fun, Non-stop, Unforgettable

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