Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017)

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Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017) » Review by Megan

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Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017)
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05 Sep 2013 - 30 Sep 2013

I recently returned from my trip doing the Grand Southern (LA to NY) - this was honestly the best time of my life! It was my first time overseas, so I travelled with my sister and we had a blast! Of course we were nervous going but once we were there and met everyone on our bus we lost all our nerves. Our group became family. We were blessed to have such amazing people on our tour and a great tour guide Andy. Since we have been back everyone has organised multiple contiki catch ups and we are all heading to Brisbane for Australia Day next year together! I have definitely made friends for life. From the very start it was a lot of partying and socializing. There were always moments to wind down and catch up on sleep on the bus. I wouldn't recommend doing this tour if you are under 21 as it would be extremely difficult to watch the rest of the group go out almost every night and be stuck in the hotel room. I am happy to answer any specific questions if you would like more info. My advice is to JUST BOOK IT! You will have #noregrets :)

Review written Feb 2014

My Contiki was: Life Changing, Fun, Friendships

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