Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017)

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Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017)
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17 Apr 2014 - 12 May 2014

I did this trip in April and it was amazing. I did things i never would do back at home like hot air ballooning it was sooo much fun! If anyone is considering doing this trip i would definitely recommend it. We had an awesome tour manager Rachel, seriously we got so lucky having her.

We did have a tornado warning during our trip but it actually bonded everyone together closer. I would recommend doing as many optionals as possible and going out with the group at night even if you are not a drinker just so you can be social and bond with everyone because that's where a lot of the fun happens.

If anyone is thinking of doing only half the tour i would suggest doing the 1st half (LA-New Orleans) instead of the 2nd half (New Orleans-NYC) as the 1st half has a lot more optionals and things to do. I also found in more enjoyable then the 2nd half although Miami was amazing. If you have the money however i think it is totally worth it to do the full tour. Also it is a little harder for new people starting in new orleans to feel like they can approach the other people who have already been traveling together since LA so keep that in mind if your doing the 2nd half on the tour because you will be joining people who have already met, dont worry though most people are more then exciting to meet new people.

I went as a SOLO traveler and had no problems making awesome friends from the 1st night so dont worry if your going alone, i think it is actually better because we definitely witnessed some friendships being broken up and being tested throughout the tour. Rooming with another person you dont know can be difficult depending on who you get stuck with but you are only there to sleep so dont worry to much........ and trust me most of the time you dont sleep thats what the bus is for.

The best advice i could give you would be to have an OPEN MIND ( Learn new cultures, explore new places, don't stereotype people before you get to know them, etc), TRY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN even the things that scare you because you will come back home and realise how much you have grown from your travel.

I hope everyone who does this tour has as much fun as i did.

Review written May 2014

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