Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017)

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Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles - Until March 2017)
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Life changing experience

17 Apr 2014 - 12 May 2014

This trip is a 'must do' for anyone planning to do Contiki in America!
I did this trip in April and it was an amazing. I did things I never thought I would do and saw some amazing things! We had the most awesome tour manager, Rachel, who was just excellent and definitely made the trip more amazing!

Being on a pretty tight budget I didn't do many of the optionals but there are always other things to go see and do but I would definitely budget for all of the optionals even if you don't do all of them.

All of the accommodation was pretty good, there were a couple of hotels we stayed in that weren't that great but you don't spend much time in hotel room anyway.

The tour is split into 3 so you can do LA-New Orleans, New Orleans-NY or the full trip LA-NY. I would definitely recommend doing the entire trip. you get to bond with more people and see more.

I went as a solo traveler and had made friends on the first day. A lot of the people are in the same boat and are by themselves so you just have common ground and its easy to make friends. Going out with the group at night is also a great way to get to know everyone, even if you're not a big party person or a big drinker, it doesn't matter, there will be people who will go out every night and get drunk but its what you make of it, you don't have to get drunk, just go out to have a good time!

Rooming with another person was definitely a new experience for me and it was great! If you don't get on with your roommate its not that big of a deal because you're not in your room that often anyway.

My advice would be to try as much as you can, be open to trying new things, try to research the places you are going to before so that when you have free time you can go explore more effectively.

Do the Grand Southern, you won't regret it!

Review written May 2014

My Contiki was: Life changing, Friendships, Amazing

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