Grand Southern (Start New York City - Until March 2017)

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27 days

Grand Southern (Start New York City - Until March 2017) » Review by Bonnie85

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Grand Southern (Start New York City - Until March 2017)

Grand Southern

10 Feb 2012 - 06 Mar 2012

This was THE most amazing thing ive done!!! I was really worried about going solo, but i made insto friends and everyone became one big family. Our tour guide was amazeballs! She went above & beyond. The places you get to visit over a short period of time is mind blowing, especially going from sunshine in Miami across to freezing temps & snow. Highlights of the trip for me were Florida; Miami was my fav spot def do the bike ride, Universal Studios was a blast, Vegas on top of the palms roodtop dancing was insane!!! four hours of sleep for both days there ;) and Colorado; snow mobiling awesome fun could not wipe the grin off my face! America is gorgeous but nothing will beat the memories on that bus made with friends for life! Contiki is awesome :D highly recommend.

Review written Apr 2012

My Contiki was: life changing, amazing, fun

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