Waikiki Explorer (4 nights)

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5 days

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Waikiki Explorer (4 nights)
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Tour Review

11 Aug 2011 - 15 Aug 2011

Amazing trip by itself. Go for the 5 days! Its well worth it. The Park Shore is across from waikiki beach and the honolulu zoo. There is a starbucks right out front and Lulus is DELICIOUS! The starbucks voucher grants you a tall hot or iced coffee (but they substituted it for tea when i asked) and a free muffin, bagel, or scone. Not bad. In our time there we watched a band play on the beach, fireworks, climbed diamond head, went to the zoo, pearl harbor tour(included), swam in a waterfall on the northside, and shopped. Wish we could have stayed longer!!!! Cheaper than any other trip to waikiki beach - seriously $315 for a hotel for 4 nights?! Insane!

Review written Aug 2011

My Contiki was: Aamazing, Georgous, Inexpensive

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