Las Vegas New Year

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Las Vegas New Year
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30 Dec 2010 - 02 Jan 2011

This was the first and last Contiki tour my boyfriend and I did. We'd always been reluctant to do an organised tour but thought it'd be fun to be with a group of people over New Years and had heard good things about Contiki despite a bad wrap from some travelers.

When we arrived, our guide gave us a lot of information, some was helpful, some not so helpful and seemed like information that could of been given to us in our pre departure information instead of reading out reams of information.

We were informed of the evenings activities which had changed from the original itinerary and involved a certain dress code. Most of the males on the tour did not come prepared (they had planned to shop for NYE the following day at their leisure) and we were forced to rush out and buy more or less entire outfits, or we would not be allowed into the venue. This had to be done in more or less the space of 45 minutes because we were also delayed by having to fill in emergency contact details (there was only one sheet for the entire group and this surely could've been done before the tour started).

When we were finally given our room keys, we were not told that there were two different towers in the hotel, and spent 15 minutes walking around trying to find out room in what is a typical large Las Vegas hotel. Subsequently, a number of us missed the bus to the first venue that night and had to get cabs.

The venue for NYE was a good one, except that we weren't told that our all inclusive drinks till midnight were for only one tiny bar where it was near impossible to get near it (being so small) and it was extremely difficult to get served. Our guide got incredibly drunk and when one of the girls on the tour was also drunk and needed help he ignored us.

The guide that we had seemed more interested in enjoying himself rather than being helpful, was generally disorganised and rude.

Having traveled extensively, I would not recommend this tour or Contiki - organise it yourself, you'll have more fun and less hassle.

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: Convenient , Deceptive, Busy

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