Wild Western (Winter - Until March 2017)

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Wild Western (Winter - Until March 2017) » Review by Brizzz

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Wild Western (Winter - Until March 2017)
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Tour Review

22 Dec 2010 - 04 Jan 2011

We began the trip in rainy LA, and were soon off to San Diego. Not much to really see in San Diego, however found one of the Sports Bars to be unreal. $1 beers with sport on all the TV's! Awesome! Off to Phoenix after this - one of the dodgiest hotel's I have ever stayed. The girls got stalked by some guy, there was a violent domestic on the carpark and somebody had broken into a car nearby. Real dodgy. Nothing to see here either as out Hot Air Ballooning was cancelled due to 'light wind'. Ridiculous. Next was Sedona on Christmas Day. That was pretty awesome. Then on to the Grand Canyon. Loved that place. It was massive and had fun taking photos and climbing around on the rocks. Next stop - VEGAS! Loved that also. A very happening and fun place to be. Great to dress up as well. Next stop was Lake Tahoe. Loved it all apart from the accomodation. Our rooms absolutely reaked of marijuana. Numerous complaints were made, but staff didn't care. We felt sick everytime we went to our room. Luckily the snow was unreal and it was New Years Eve, so limited time was spent here anyway. Awesome mountains for snowboarding / skiing and deep powdery snow. Off to San Fran next, which I loved. Luckily our tour guide warned us of the homeless guys that loiter the town. It was full of them! We were in a dodgy party of town again, but the hotel was nice. Shops, Alcatraz, Ghiradelli Chocolate and the restaurants were great. I'll be going back. Next stop was the final stop at Santa Barbara. For those of us left on the bus, it was a quiet little place to have our farewell drinks. Then back to LA to end the tour. Overall - 3 out of 5 stars. The tour was let down by the coke-snorting dickheads up the back of the bus who thought they were better than everyone else.

Review written Sep 2011

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