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LA Explorer (2 nights)
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04 Jan 2012 - 06 Jan 2012

I stopped here on the way to Hawaii...some things I feel people should know.

1) LA is HUGE. The airport is super far from the hotel in downtown and cab rides not cheap. If you do take public transit, it takes awhile with multiple stops/getting off and on. Getting around, even on double decker bus tours, is long and slow. The downtown double decker that is supposed to loop to hollywood was either not operating that day and we spent valuable time waiting for it and it never came. We ended up waiting for 2 hours before finally grabbing a subway to hollywood.
I would recommend renting a car (if I ever go back, I will definitely do this so I can see more). Because it takes so much time, we didn't get to see as much as we'd liked to. For a stopover, the hotel was too far from the airport in my opinion.

2) The hotel is most of the main attractions (hollywood, venice beach, santa monica, etc.) are again, FAR. Downtown is a definitely a seedier area but the hotel was nice, safe, clean and comfortable. Just at night I felt uncomfortable walking around down there, it was hard to find a nice place to eat...but we did get some great sushi as we (the hotel) was in the Japanese village.

3) Disneyland/City walk were super far away too. We went to citywalk on a wednesday and it was totally dead. All that travel for nothing really...Just felt like we spent a lot of time getting places for not much of a payoff.

4) Just a tip - so hot during the day, freezing at night in January :) bring a sweater if not a full change of clothes for nighttime.

Overall it was nice to see LA for the first time and we had a great time at the Chinese theatre comparing hand and foot sizes to the celebrities. We saw a few things at a glimpse/distance that were memorable (i.e. beverly hills) but I feel I need to go back and do it a little differently next time so I can truly get the LA experience I was hoping for.'

Review written Sep 2013

My Contiki was: Happy to be in Tinsel Town, far away, Santa Monica Peir

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