LA to the Bay (Until Dec 2016)

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LA to the Bay (Until Dec 2016)

Simply an amazing experience

06 Jun 2012 - 16 Jun 2012

I completed this tour in June of 2012, and it was the best experience I have ever had.

Our tour guide Jon was outstanding, he was like the father of our contiki family.

Every place we visited was amazing, the accommodation was great, the food was great, the add-ons were excellent and the night-life was amazing.

Speed-boating and the Zoo in San Deigo, Ballooning in Arizona, Hiking the Canyon and the Yosemite ranges and Biking in San Francisco are all optionals that I completed that I can highly recommend, along with the Helicopter over the Canyon (which I didn't participate in but heard amazing reviews about).

You think the Grand Canyon is beautiful, you should see the jaw-dropping sights at the Yosemite Ranges, and you think you will have a hangover from Vegas, wait till you party at Bass Lake.

I recommend that everyone pay for the "Contiki Surprise" as it was also well worth it.

The 50+ people on this tour started off as strangers to me, but are now part of my contiki family - or the "contiki dream-team", and I have ensured to keep in contact with these people as I now consider them to be friends that I will have for life.

Anyone considering doing this tour should go ahead and book, I can guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy each minute spent on this trip.

One thing that I can also recommend is after you hike the Yosemite Ranges and you head back to Bass Lake - hire a boat or a jet ski and enjoy your time at the lake, it is very reasonably priced and no licences are required. Along with that, enjoy a swim in the lake after sunset - it is beautiful.

Review written Jun 2012

My Contiki was: amazing, jaw-dropping, perfect

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