LA to the Bay (Until Dec 2016)

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LA to the Bay (Until Dec 2016) » Review by JamesC

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LA to the Bay (Until Dec 2016)

Best tour ever!

20 Jul 2011 - 30 Jul 2011

This was a really fast paced tour, but I absolutely loved it. Eileen - our tour guide was extremely good, knew absolutely EVERYTHING about everywhere we went and was very organised. All the cities we went to had some fun night life. Out of 50 people on our coach I left the tour with atleast 20 awesome new friends. I would 100% reccomend this tour to anyone. It was that good, I would consider doing it again.

Things I would reccomend - San Diego - Go on the flowrider at mission beach!
- Bass Lake - Hire a boat or jetski with some friends
- Be open minded!

Look out for all the Aussies! They're a loud bunch.

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: friends, fun, alcohol

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