LA to the Bay (Until Dec 2016)

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LA to the Bay (Until Dec 2016)
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LA to the Bay Review

03 Apr 2013 - 13 Apr 2013

Unbeknownst to most of us on tour, not everyone on the bus was doing LA to the Bay. There were three tours in total the others being Wild Western and Western Highlights. This meant half of the group was getting off at Vegas and new people would be joining to go the end until back in LA. To be honest, it was disappointing knowing you wouldn't be with that one group the whole time. It seemed that the group joining in Vegas didn't get as much of a chance to bond with all of us who had already formed close friendships.
Overall, amazing trip! Have made friends for life and seen some wonderful places. San Diego was lovely and Phoenix was unexpectedly good fun! Two nights in the Grand Canyon was probably overkill, we just all wanted to get to Vegas! Two nights and one full day is not enough time in Vegas so I'll be returning very soon! Bass Lake was not the hype we were expecting. Our accommodation change from chalets to a dingey motel was a huge let down. San Francisco was colder than I anticipated.
All optionals were great. You can't go to the Grand Canyon without doing the helicopter flight! There were many optionals I didn't choose like hot air ballooning in Phoenix (which some of the group said was overrated anyway) and the 'exercise type optionals' like bike riding, hiking etc - that wasn't for me but it was suited to many.
The coach was comfortable and the tour manager and driver were awesome and lots of fun. The included breakfasts weren't anything to rave about but the places we ate for dinner as a group were fine and the bars that we were taken to were good fun.
Overall, amazing experience and if I did it all again I probably would have opted for the Western Highlights tour stopping off at Vegas and doing a couple of extra nights there. That's personal preference though, everyone is different you need to work out what it is you want to do....
Love Contiki, it's my second tour and I would do another one again!!

Review written May 2013

My Contiki was: Party, Friendship, Unforgettable

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