Eastern Discovery (Start New Orleans - Until March 2017)

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Eastern Discovery (Start New Orleans - Until March 2017)
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16 Oct 2012 - 29 Oct 2012

What a wonderful trip!

New Orleans was vibrant, loud and beautiful! Bourbon Street was a fantastic experience and a good ice breaker to get to know your new tour mates.
Orlando was theme park heaven with great days spent at both Disney World and Universal Studios! Disney World really did feel like "the happiest place on earth" and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face!
Miami was sun soaked, breath taking and alcohol filled! A pub/club crawl is a must.
Cocoa Beach was a personal favourite due to my love of surfing and the great man Kelly Slater. The beach was gorgeous and you have to take a walk down to the "world's biggest surf shop" - Shopping Bliss! Also the nicest hotel of the tour!
St Augustine was rich in history and beauty. The water was crystal clear and the old buildings divine!
Savannah & Raleigh were also gorgeous, history filled towns that had their own hidden treasures.
Washington was a buzz with the upcoming election and the monuments were very interesting to see.
New York is New York, what more can you say! Even with Hurricane Sandy causing havoc and closing down parts of NYC you could still appreciate the bustling, beautiful city that it is.
The only negative was that we were joining a tour that had already started and it would have been nice to know that but all in all a wonderful, life enriching experience!

Review written Jan 2013

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