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Category_crave CraveYour guide to eats & outs.


How much do you REALLY know about the food you eat?

Top tips for eating sustainably

OK, so we’re all guilty of it. Every time a food shop comes around, we REALLY do intend to head to the local farmers market, but somehow get side tracked by the super convenient, round the corner from your house giant supermarket because it’s JUST that bit easier...
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Buns, Burgers & Balls

Discover the world’s best burgers and meatballs!

Take a mouth-watering journey around the world and experience some of best buns and balls getting around.
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Ancient Ruins

Discover the hidden treasures of Latin America and Asia

Let's face it - we all want to see Cambodia's grand Angkor Wat and Peru's mind-blowing Machu Picchu, but what about the smaller ruins, the ones a little less accessible, or less known that are just as wonderful?
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How to be a discerning culture vulture

What to say and do to prove (or pretend) you’re in the know

In this week’s #GetPacking series with Shopcade,we’ve taken three things that are commonly associated with culture – art, wine and literature – and created a cheat sheet to help you sound like a pro. You’re welcome.
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Buongiorno Italia!

#GetPacking with Contiki & Shopcade

Our Top 3s for Italian food, Italian fashion, and Italian sights.
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A Tour Managers Top 5 to Costa Rica

Top tips from the people who eat, sleep and breathe the Pura Vida lifestyle

There’s nothing like a little expert knowledge to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. We caught up with Costa Rica Unplugged Tour Manager Edward to find out the answers we know are important to you…
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City Break Faves

#GetPacking with Contiki & Shopcade

Ok, so you’ve got a couple of days and the pressure’s on. You want to pack in as much culture/shopping/sightseeing/food/nightlife as your wallet and waking hours will allow. So, where do you go?
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Exploring the streets of Buenos Aires

Carine's Guide to Steaks and Tango in Argentina

The city was everything I had imagined and more – it's passionate, vibrant, fun, cosmopolitan and fashionable; a fantastic fusion of Europe and Latin American culture, best described as the 'Paris of South America'.
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Feast your eyes on this!

Australia's restaurants with a view!

Suppress your pub meal cravings, get your fix of fish and chips and explore the flavours of locally grown wine; from vineyards to surf clubs.
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  • mhigurl


    about 1 year ago

    Given the best and more for all this changes to come and that can have it right. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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Why We Love New Zealand

And why we might just relocate forever...

Because in a country where you can hike glaciers, explore the land of the hobbits AND chillax in natural thermal spas, what’s not to love?
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