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Sugar Factory, Amsterdam

'A cutting edge muli-disciplinary nigh theatre'...whatever that is?

Amsterdam's Nachttheatre Sugar Factory is a night hot spot where performance meets clubbing. No two nights at the club are the same and every night brings some type of show. In short, it's the place to be...
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Erica il Cane and Andreco in Morroco

Mudhuts and street art.

These amazing paintings have been spotted on the side of mud-brick houses in Morroco and are certainly not your average street mural.
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Homage To Lost Spaces, Christchurch

Street art gets a new meaning...

Artist Mike Hewson pays homage to those affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch, NZ on February 22nd 2011 by beautifully utilising the destructed and abandoned Christchurch Normal School in an amazing new art project...
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Patrick Martinez in Los Angeles

Flowers and neon lights.

Admission: we really, really like neon signs.
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Gilmerton Cove, Edinburgh

The city’s must-see...

When travelling there are a stack of amazing things to do, but walk through some underground tunnels?! Hmmm, you might not considered this as something at the top of your ‘to do’ list, but if you find yourself in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, you may want to reconsider.
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What does it mean to be Australian?

Sun, surf and super cute Koalas - Nadine [HeyNadine] on Contiki!

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Mesa in Greece

Art for the people.

We know it’s an old adage, but the concept of street art really is special.
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Giant fish sculptures in Rio

Art for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.

As part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio, there are currently some pretty epic sculptures on display.
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Jeppe Hein’s modified benches

What a twisted world we live in.

Heim’s outdoor installation art is pretty great: he takes the concept of the regular park bench that you’d find in any city and he totally modifies and morphs them.
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Irwin Wurm in Liverpool

Gallery of Liverpool until September 22nd.

Austrian artist Irwin Wurm creates the kind of conceptual, surreal and loco art that often makes you think “But… what?!”
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El Rastro, Madrid

Europe’s biggest outdoor market…

Every traveller loves a market and Madrid’s gigantic El Rastro is pretty much as good as it gets!
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Sofo, Stockholm

Scandinavia’s answer to Soho...

Stockholm’s Södermalm district has reinvented itself as a trendy, charming and unique hotspot, packed with unusual and interesting fashion boutiques, restaurants, bars and clubs, with a bohemian-type vibe that that has both locals and visitors in a flurry.
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Ben Eine in Manchester

At The Lowry, Salford Quays.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Mr President!
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Crumpled City™ Maps

Soft City Maps for Urban Jungles

Maps can be your saviour and your worst enemy. Let's face it, a map is a handy thing - this is known - but refolding them? Good God, some serious frustration can result. But frustrate no more! Crumpled City™ maps have come to the rescue!
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Rexy Edventures


Explore Vietnam

Ed Rex schools us in this awesome destination

Now guys, I've just done an epic 3 month trip in SE Asia and I can definitely tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Vietnam is the bestest country I've visited so far! I would live there. FACT.
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  • Diamond1980


    over 2 years ago

    WOW!! This review is so great and I am really looking forward to my trip in September this year. I am just not sure about the bycycle rides in the country as I cannot ride a bike. What do you recommend doing as an alternative?

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Jeff Koons in Switzerland

Until September 2nd.

If you’re not already familiar with Jeff Koons, you probably are unknowingly familiar with his work.
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Spotted By Locals


Insider tips by Amsterdam locals!

Spotted by Locals City Profile

Amsterdam is not all about the red-light district and weed. Locals do not visit said red-light district regularly and they do not smoke joints with a cup of coffee. Nor do they wear clogs! Find out the hotspots and hangouts of Amsterdam's locals..
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Tibidabo, Barcelona

The best views of the city…

When visiting Barcelona you’ll have a stack of things you want to see and do but let us ask you this, what are your thoughts on Tibidabo? It's the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola and offers spectacular views of the city and coastline – get the Instagram out guys!
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Specter’s ‘Bushwick Bodega’

Reimagining Brooklyn.

Artist Gabriel Specter’s aim in art is to revitalise, reimagine and give new life and meaning to forgotten environments.
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Hip Hop Kemp, Czech Republic

A hip hop festival like no other.

Hands up who wants to know what it’s like to be at a hip hop festival in the Czech Republic?
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