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London Prepares


Women's sport hits the spotlight

With women's football opening London 2012

The London Olympics might be getting underway in the Olympic Stadium on July 27th, but two days beforehand and over 150 miles away, Olympic action will actually kick off in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.
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Inca Trail, Peru

Latin America’s most famous trek...

Travelling to Latin America and overwhelmed by the many amazing things that are on offer to do? If we could offer you just one piece of advice, the Inca Trail would be it! Rated by many to be in the top five treks in the world, the world-famous Inca Trail is spans 26miles/43km and finishes at the...
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London Prepares


Want to swim like an Olympic Champion?

London Prepares checks out Speedo's LZR Racer swimsuits

While Usain Bolt was running the 100 metres and becoming the icon of Beijing 2008, something just as remarkable was happening in the Olympic swimming pool...
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Milford Sound, New Zealand

‘The eighth wonder of the world...’

Renowned for its spectacular landscapes of vast mountains, steaming volcano’s, sweeping coastlines and lush rainforests, New Zealand is a haven for those who love the outdoors.
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  • Crystal


    over 2 years ago

    South Africa and a Safari option... pretty please!!!

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Pause your walkman, let's hit those rapids

Keeping active in the 80s - WIN a trip to the USA

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  • Yingz


    over 2 years ago

    Several occasions get my heart pumping:

    - When I have to do a presentation or it's exam time, I can feel my heartbeat and my hands start to feel cold.

    - When fear hits me, I look around for suspicious activity amidst the sound of my heart pumping.

    - When I'm doing something adventurous and totally out of my league, it's a mixed feeling of excitement and hesitation.

    - When I realised that my eye candy is also going on the school excursion, my heart skipped a beat and hoped that nothing goes wrong.

    No matter how good or bad the occasion is, at least I'm glad that I'm still alive and pumping!

  • Papi


    over 2 years ago

    Hot Air Ballooning around Europe and Africa, rock climbing in the Grand Canyon, Sky-diving, Motor cycling around a unknown country, Back packing in a foreign land and Cruising around Cape Town... WHAT REALLY GETS ME GOING IS! Living in Soweto and running away from robbers in the midst of Alexandra Township, Driving around Jo'burg in the middle of the night with my windows open, asking a hobo to light a cigarette for me and Joy riding in the back of a police van in Joburg... hahahah! Now that really gets my heart pumping... LOL

  • ~Kate~


    over 2 years ago

    What really gets my heart pumping is the thrill of new experiences, the excitement of not quite knowing what you are going to get yourself into, challenging every aspect of your being and rush when you accomplish something you thought was impossible.

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London Prepares


Olympic Fever Starts Now

We chat to Olympian Iwan Thomas

Our Olympic partner London Prepares, caught up with Iwan Thomas, Olympics silver medalist, the fastest Briton ever in the 400m & London Marathon addict on the eve of the race to speak about it and the Games themselves.
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Rexy Edventures


7 Steps to Survive Songkran

Ed Rex gets wet in Chiang Mai

The man behind Rexy Edventures provides a tip-top run down on the best ways to make it through Thailand's New Year festivities.
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Don't forget to pack your swimmers!

Our guide to the baths of Budapest

Contiki Tour Manager Petula gives us the low-down on the Hungarian capital's aquatic side...
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London Prepares


Move over Equestrian, Rabbit Jumping is hopping into 2012

Will we see our floppy friends joining the Olympics?

Only a lucky few have tickets for Equestrian’s show jumping event at the picturesque Royal Greenwich Park during the Olympic games, so for those who don’t why not head to Earl’s Court in May to take in the furrier, floppier-eared version that everyone can get involved in: rabbit jumping.
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Henley-on-Todd Regatta

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a boat race like this…

Henley-on-Todd is THE racing event of Australia’s Northern Territory, with spectators coming in from around the world to watch a-grade rowers lower their boats and race down the Todd River. Wait a minute… the Todd River has no water in it!?
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