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10 of our favourite moments from the Winter Olympics so far

Why Sochi is in our sights...


After months of media speculation, a huge $50 billion spend and THAT Jamaican bobsled team, the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 are finally underway. But is it living up to the hype? Here are our 10 favourite moments from the games so far:

1 – Everything weird about the opening ceremony

Dancing jellyfish, Disney inspired ballerinas, a mechanical horse and giant jiving teddy bears were all part of the opening ceremony mix. Add to that the fact that the fifth Olympic ring didn’t work and the Russian Policeman sang a rendition of Get Lucky, and it was definitely the strangest ceremony we’ve ever seen!

2 – Sleeping Prime Ministers and Reading Royals

Running a country AND organising an Olympics is undoubtedly a tiring job, which is probably why Russia’s very own Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev nodded off for a few minutes during the opening ceremony. Unfortunately for him, his power nap was captured on live television, alongside Britain’s Price Anne catching up on all the latest action from 50 Shades of Grey (we like to think).

3 – It’s raining rainbow’s

From the German teams rainbow inspired team outfits to the now infamous Google doodle, it appears that rainbows are becoming the unofficial colour theme for the Sochi winter Olympics. What a way to kick Russia’s stance on gay rights to a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

4 – Girls changing history

Proving how girls rule at Snowboarding, Brit Jenny Jones stormed into the Olympics by becoming the first ever Brit to win a medal at a winter Olympic games for her outstanding snowboard slopestyle run. Her path to success, from doughnut shop worker to chalet girl to Olympic medallist, is an inspiration for Snowboarding fans. Go Jenny Go!

5 – One incredible luge save

We don’t know much about luging, but to our un-trained eye, it looks incredible cold, incredibly fast and incredibly dangerous. Which makes Indian luger Shiva Keshavan’s save even more impressive. Ask yourself, at 57 miles per hour could you do this?

6 – Child sensation Yulia Lipnitskaya

Fresh from being the youngest ever ice skater to win the European Championships, 15 year old Yulia Lipnitskaya’s effortless, faultless and exquisite routine won her figure skating gold at this years Olympics. It’s not just Yulia’s age that is so impressive, it’s the sheer bendiness and flexibility of her body, on ice, at speed.

7 – Team Finland’s extreme knitting

While Finnish snowboarder RoopeTonteri nervously prepared to drop into the slopestyle course, his devoted and hardworking coach Antti Koskinen watched on in anticipation, whilst knitting. But before you brand him a lunatic, listen why. The scarf Antti was knitting is actually a team Finland token. Each member of the winter team will knit part of the scarf before passing it over to the summer Olympic team for Rio 2016. Which makes a bit more sense. Sort of.

8 – Winter sports are weird

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt so far, it’s that we don’t know much about winter sports. Luge, the skeleton, curling…our eyes are being opened to a wide range of crazy new sports, some of which (curling) appear to need no sporting ability whatsoever! Catch Contiki in the curling finals of the winter Olympics 2018…

9 – Black Swan on Ice

It seems Russia drew inspiration from the movies with its costume choices this year. Our favourite is the ice skating version of Black Swan – elegant and emotional, and the outfits are just killer…

10 – Go team Canada!

And finally, team Canada are on top in the medals table, which we love! Go Canada Go!

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