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10 Things that are only ok when you're in spain

Hey, it's OK, you're in Spain!



1 – Eating Paella for Breakfast. Then lunch. Then dinner. Hey it’s OK, you’re in Spain!

2 – Thinking Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin are totally credible musicians again. Hey it’s OK, you’re in Spain!

3 – Imagining you look like this when you flamenco:

…when in fact you look like this:

4 – Your impulse decision to become an architect after seeing creations like this:

… and even more OK, thinking you could create something like that. In Spain, anything’s possible!

5 – Coming home at 6am from a night out in Ibiza looking like this:

…Hey it’s OK, you’re in Spain!

6 – Only eating with your hands and only eating finger sized food – You’re in Spain, bro!

7 – Sleeping from 2-5pm – siesta baby! If the Spanish do it, so can you!

8 – Falling in love with a Spanish boy/Spanish girl. They are pretty dam hot.

9 – Blowing all your holiday allowance on one shopping spree in Madrid. Who needs to eat when you can look fabulous anyway!

10 – Quitting your job, moving to Spain, learning to speak Spanish, falling in love. Viva Espana!

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