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10 Things you never knew about New York

Quaker parrots, professional buskers and more…


1 – The Dutch explorer Peter Minuit purchased the island of Manhattan from the Algonquin tribe for trinkets and tools worth around $24.

2 – More than 47% of NYC’s residents over the age of 5 speak a language other than English at home.

3 – New York’s yellow cabs are yellow because John Hertz, the company’s founder, learned from a study that yellow was the easiest colour for the eye to spot.

4 – More than 250 feature films and 100+ TV shows are shot on location in New York City each year.

5 – Quaker parrots indigenous to South America have taken up residence in Brooklyn. It’s rumoured they escaped from a large shipment of birds sent from South America intended for the pet trade.

6 – The average temperature of New York City’s pavements on a hot summer day is 150 degrees.

7 – The New York subway system is the largest mass transit system in the world with 468 stations and 842 miles (1355km) of track).

8 – The musicians who perform in the NYC subway system have to go through a competitive audition process. Some have even played in Carnegie Hall.

9 – The Brooklyn Bridge was the first bridge to be lit using electricity.

10 – Unlike most major subway systems, the New York subway runs 24 hours a day.

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