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12 Things You've Gotta Do in China

The perfect blend of ancient and modern


12 things you've gotta do in China (& Hong Kong)

1. Take a quick stroll on the Great Wall of China.
Bailong Elevator
Image via by Severin Stalder

2. Overcome your fear of heights on the 88th level of the Jin Mao Tower.
Bailong Elevator
Photo via

3. Take a ride to the top of the Bailong Elevator and admire the beautiful views!
Bailong Elevator
Image via

4. Visit the Forbidden City (also now known as Palace Museum) in Beijing, China.
Bailong Elevator

5. Say hello to the Leshan Giant Buddha built during the Tang Dynasty.
Bailong Elevator
Image via by Ariel Steiner

6. Journey to the Longsheng Rice Terraces in Longsheng County near Guilin, China.
Bailong Elevator
Image via by Severin Stalder

7. Take a walk to the Temple of Heaven (aka Altar of Heaven) located in central Beijing.
Bailong Elevator
Image via

8. Visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Shaanxi province. The army showcases around 8,000 uniquely created terracotta soldiers, horses, chariots and weapons.
Bailong Elevator

9. Travel to Wulong Chongqing Monastery, part of South China Karst UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Bailong Elevator
Image via

10. Take a leisurely bike ride along Xi'an City Wall.
Bailong Elevator

11. Jump on a bamboo raft and explore the Yulong River!
Bailong Elevator
Image via Qeqertaq

12. Sit back and watch the world pass by at Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.
Bailong Elevator
Image via

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