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5 other reasons to celebrate Valentine's Day

Forget the love stories, here are the real reasons you should celebrate Valentine's Day!


So maybe there's no knight in shining armour coming for you on a beautiful white stallion or you didn't receive those 100 red roses and human-life-sized box of chocolates you were hoping for, but that's no reason to hold something against Valentine's Day. Yes, it's a time when being single isn't ideal and snogging on the street becomes acceptable but somehow evermore cringeworthy. And those love movies? Forget them! Instead of sharing with you the most romantic destinations to visit (Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building ... becuase everyone knows that) or the best relationship revenge movies of all time, here is a list of other reasons to celebrate Valentine's Day.

6. Penicillin was discovered in the UK 
One of the most powerful of all antibiotics, penicillin was discovered on Valentine's Day. In 1928, Alexander Flemming re-discovered their properties for destroying bacteria which we now refer to as penicillin.  

5. Aretha Franklin recorded Respect in NYC 
In 1967, on the wonderful Valentine's Day, Aretha Franklin walked into a New York studio to record Otis Redding's original track Respect.       


4. Rob Thomas was born (in Germany
What would the world have been like without Matchbox 20? If Rob Thomas wasn't born this day back in 1972, we would never have had Matchbox 20.  Their songs of lyrical heartbreak do easy the pain. At least you know you aren’t the only one experiencing those emotions.

3. Arizona was admitted as the 48th state
In 1912, Arizona officially became the 48th state of America. Arizona borders with Mexico, is the 6th largest, 15th most populous of the 50 states and home of the Wild West.

2. UPS was founded in the USA
Founded in 1907, it is now the largest package delivery company in the world. Even if you didn’t receive a package via UPS this Valentine’s Day, you can be thankful that you have the option to send someone something romantic via their service.

1. Justin Bieber has a date with a judge in Florida on Valentines Day this year 
That is, if he doesn't get deported back to Canada before.

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