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5 Quick Photography Tips

Tips and tricks for the budding photographer in you.


Ever wondered how photographers manage to capture a moment so beautifully? We have five handy tips to help you snap your favourite moments on the road.

1. The Key is Composition
Whether shooting an ornate historical building, the sun setting over the ocean or locals at the market, applying some simple rules can make your photographs more visually appealing. When looking through your camera lens or screen, placing the main subject of the scene slightly off centre can make the image much more interesting. Try to picture an imaginary 3x3 grid appearing before taking the photo. This will help with object alignment. You will find the rule of thirds applied all types of artworks.

2. Lighting
Light can be your best friend, or complete hassle. The broader light source, the softer the light. Shadows. Backlight can create beautiful silhouettes however be careful with this if you are trying to capture someone's smile. The most ideal time to shoot (for film or photography) is during twilight. This is when the light is at its softest.

3. Always have your camera
You never know when that perfect picture moment might be so having your camera handy at all times is a must. Even if it is your iPhone.

4. Snap away!
Shoot, snap and practice some more. Improving your photography, like with any other skill, means snapping away whenever and wherever you can. When you become more confident with your camera skills you can start to explore different camera settings and lightings.

4. Edit and Enhance
It is always better to a shot than to spend hours editing, however photography editing is almost just as important as taking the picture. Some of the most popular photo editing software includes Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. You can find an enormous amount of tutorials online to assist you with mastering these programs. You can opt for cheaper versions, so shop around to find the best for you.

Photography is all about timing. There are many fantastic photographers who don’t follow these rules and capture incredible moments. Once you learn the fundamentals it’s easier to experiment and nail a tough shot in a split second.

Happy snapping!

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