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Spending Money in Europe

How much should you take to Europe?


How much spending money to budget for is a difficult question to answer. Everyone has their own style and rate of travel spending. Some will go out and shop ‘til they drop spending 100s of Euros or Pounds every day, others might spend more in bars, or on museum entries and souvenirs, while others get by on the bare essentials.

Unlike many holiday and vacation operators, Contiki includes many extras, sightseeing excursions, meals and highlights as part of the trip. However, we don’t fill every hour of every day and there is ample free time to enjoy the cities and countries you visit at your leisure.

As a rough guide we suggest budgeting a minimum of 45 Euro – but again, this will obviously vary depending on your individual tastes and habits. Many of our past travelers recommend 70-100 Euro; per day for spending money - this is usually more than enough and sometimes those who budget this amount end up having a little left over at the end of the trip.

In order to budget more accurately, you should take into account the ME Time optionals that you may wish to participate in during your trip.

If possible, it’s always better to over-estimate how much you may spend, that way if you come across an experience or something you really want to do or buy, you will have room in your budget. Plus, all the better if you don’t end up spending the extra money.


Entrance Fees

As with any Contiki trip you will have a mix of organized and included activities as well as free time to explore. One of the most popular ways people to spend their free time in is visiting museums and major sites. Entry fees vary from place to place so it is best to do some research before going.


Your meals are included as per your itinerary. Breakfast is always included once you are on trip and a lot of dinners are also included. When dinners are not included you have to opportunity to sample some of Europe’s finest local cuisines or take an optional excursion meal. Lunches are seldom included, and you should budget around 10 Euro for lunches.

Other Expenses

Again, everyone’s spending habits are different! Some people will spend more on shopping, drinking, souvenirs, phone calls home, postage, hiring bikes, recreational activities, public transport in cities, taxis, etc.


Trip Manager Opinions

"Money? - bring lots! And spend it - you should go home broke!! You can pay off the credit card when you get home - it is as shame to travel all this way and go home with regrets." - Michael Thomas, Trip Manager, Europe

"Work out prior to the trip what sights & excursions you are most keen on and then include some extra cash for a few nice lunches, some quick food stops and all that shopping you can do in Europe. Expect to spend 50 Euro per day on average but always plan to spend more, you may only ever be able to go inside the Colosseum once in your life and this could be it!!!" - David Hackett, Trip Manager, Europe

"I'd budget for about 100 Euro a day. Some days you might spend 200, other days 20. At 100 Euro a day you'll probably go home with some left over to take home or spoil yourself with towards the end of the trip." - Matt Vernick, Trip Manager, Europe

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    over 1 year ago

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