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Adventure is out there!

Adrenaline rushing round the globe


The world is an adventurous place - full of incredible activities that will get your blood pumping, whether it's jumping off a cliff, hitting the slopes, sailing or even getting adventurous with your food. As we are, of course, experts in adventure - we've compiled 5 key activities around the world that will give you the adrenaline rush you're looking for.

1. Paragliding in the Austrian Alps

Europe's adventure capital, the alps, will have your blood pumping in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Paragliding is simple really, you're attached to an expert, who has a parachute attached. You run, you jump, you get air and the rest is history. But don't let the simplicity fool you, this is not for the faint of heart, however it will leave a lasting impression...

Once in a lifetime doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling you’ll get as your scurrying feet suddenly have no ground to run on because you’ve lifted off the mountain and into the air above. The day I went held perfect conditions — blue skies, a consistent breeze and endless vistas. Read more.

Check out Paragliding on our tours through Austria.

2. Ride the Shotover Jet in Queenstown, New Zealand

A 75-kilometre long stretch of water with rushing rapids is just asking to be taken on by the adventure-lover, right? At Shotover River in Queenstown, you will literally have the ride of your life as you zip down the canyons in a jet boat, making sharp turns and doing 360 spins. This, folks, is not an experience to be missed.

Check out our Top 5 Things to do in New Zealand for more inspiration, or just jump right on in and take a look at some of our New Zealand tours.

3. Hit the Slopes in Lake Tahoe, USA

Checking out the west coast of USA in winter is incomplete without a trip inland to the incredible Lake Tahoe, where you can enjoy a couple days carving it up.

Lake Tahoe is one of North America's most beautiful lakes & one of its best ski resorts. Straddling the two states of Utah & Nevada, it's the perfect blend of amazingly spectacular scenery, pristine mountains and pumping nightlife. Where else can you find a place that offers all this natural beauty, great snow, plus the 24hr non-stop bling of Vegas-style casinos and clubs?

You can ski Lake Tahoe our Wild Western, California Highlights & LA to the Bay tours that run through December to March.

4. Whitewater Rafting on the Urumbamba River, Peru

The Urumbamba is pretty epic. Starting off high up in the Andes and flowing down through Peru's infamous Sacred Valley, past Machu Picchu before coming out into the Amazon Plain. The rapids range from level II to IV, so will get you active as you speed through incredible scenery. The banks are lined with huge Eucalyptus trees and beautiful flowers

Peru is FULL of amazing adventure, for more check out our Top 5 Things to do in Peru and check our our Tours in Latin America.

5. Try Fried Crickets in Thailand

One of the absolute joys of travelling is the variety of cuisine. With every country you head to you'll find a new taste to try, a new flavour to master..

So how about fried crickets? Pick these bad boys up in most Thai food markets or street vendors - as far as taste goes they fry the hell out of them so it's really just a crunchy savory snack, however to your friends you'll look like a real adventurer. Just as long as you can get your head around eating insects...

Hungry for more? Why not have a look at our Top 5 Things to do in Thailand or just get yourself over there on one of our tours in Thailand.

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    almost 2 years ago

    I got some nice inspirational thoughts after reading it. I am waiting for this information to do my exercise. Thanks so much for your comment.

  • mhigurl


    about 1 year ago

    More for the one as well for the parts they seen to be here. - James Cullem

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